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Fundraising & Development


Fundraising & Development


The McIntosh Company (TMC) works for non-profit organizations and political clients at every level of elected office. With experience fundraising for presidential, state and federal House and Senate clients, as well as gubernatorial, lieutenant gubernatorial, and state attorney general campaigns, we understand the political and fundraising climate at any given time. Offering both stand-alone event support and complete campaign fundraising, TMC is Texas' leading comprehensive consulting firm.

Providing extensive client fundraising and development, TMC will:

  • Develop a complete finance plan to ensure maximum financial resources for campaign use or initiative advancement;
  • Cultivate past and future donors using our comprehensive database to schedule high-level meetings as well as create targeted call sheets and direct mailings;
  • Build and direct a volunteer finance committee or board of directors and provide key input on roles and responsibilities; 
  • Create current message materials for client outreach including email and direct marketing;
  • Organize and coordinate every aspect of fundraising events.

TMC is prepared to put clients in the most effective position to build relationships and exceed financial goals. We understand fundraising and development have many dimensions to make the outcome effective and worthwhile. We provide you with the means and resources to grow your political campaign or philanthropic initiative and to exceed your goals. 

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Full-Scale Event Management

Full-Scale Event Management


TMC provides extensive event management for political, non-profit, and corporate events. From national quarterly meetings, functions, and retreats to political lunches and receptions, we have the industry acumen, knowledge, and resources to present clients with successful results.

Providing total event management, TMC will:

  • Determine and execute an event timeline, budget, and goal;
  • Secure effective event venues and manage guest lists in coordination with hosts;
  • Create customized electronic and printed invitations to be sent to targeted outreach lists;
  • Handle as-needed production of printed materials and coordinate with long-time print house partners;
  • Coordinate catering services, parking valet, and florists in addition to overseeing contracts when necessary;
  • Fully staff and execute a seamless event ensuring expectations are exceeded for client, host, and guests; 
  • Pursue essential post-event follow-up and settlement.

TMC works closely with clients from start to finish ensuring their event meets the highest standard. Our company goal is to make client experience and outcome as enjoyable and successful as possible.


Advocacy & Capital Visits

Advocacy & Capital Visits


TMC provides strategy for client advocacy and trip scheduling to ensure time and effort is productive. We understand a well-executed and detailed strategy is crucial to the success of any Washington, D.C. or Austin, TX fly-in.

Providing strategy and planning for advocacy and capital visits, TMC will:

  • Recognize purpose and develop a tailored approach to provide the largest positive impact;
  • Schedule legislative meetings and place clients in front of the appropriate people to effectively advocate issues and causes;
  • Manage all logistical needs on the scheduled advocacy day including printed meeting materials and day-of support;
  • Coordinate follow-up with key meeting participants and officials;
  • Suggest accommodations and leisure activities.

TMC removes the challenges of scheduling a trip to an unfamiliar city in order to allow client's focus on the purpose of their travel. TMC has scheduled thousands of meetings for clients over the years. With knowledge and relationships built over decades, we will handle the planning of your next client advocacy trip.