Fundraising & Development

TMC works for non-profit organizations and political clients at every level of elected office. With experience fundraising for presidential, federal and state House and Senate clients, as well as gubernatorial, lieutenant gubernatorial, and state attorney general campaigns across the country, we understand the political and fundraising climate at any given time. Offering stand-alone event support and complete campaign fundraising, TMC is Texas' leading comprehensive consulting firm.

Providing extensive client fundraising and development, TMC will:

  • Develop a complete finance plan to ensure maximum financial resources for campaign use or initiative advancement;
  • Cultivate past and future donors using our contemporary database to schedule high-level meetings as well as create targeted call sheets and direct mailings;
  • Create current message materials including for client outreach including email and direct marketing;
  • Organize and coordinate every aspect of each fundraising event.

TMC is prepared to put clients in the most effective position to build relationships and exceed financial goals. We understand fundraising and development have many dimensions to make the outcome effective and worthwhile. We provide you with the means and resources to grow your political campaign or philanthropic initiative and to exceed your goals.